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Comfortable, Affordable Dentures

Kentwood Dentist Working to Restore Your Smile

At Kentwood Dental Care, our state-of-the-art equipment and procedures are ideal for handling all types of dental issues, even when you lose one or more of your teeth. Some recent technological strides have provided dentists with incredible new ways of effectively treating for their patients. These strides include vast improvements in dentures, which are more durable, comfortable, and adaptable than ever before!

We offer various options, such as:

  • Complete overdentures
  • Complete implant overdentures
  • Precision partial dentures
  • Semi-precision partial dentures

When you meet with our Kentwood dentist, your examination will determine which type of dentures will be most beneficial for your budget, lifestyle, and primarily the current status of your teeth. No matter which type of dentures we install, we always work carefully to create the perfect fit that will be comfortable in your mouth and look like a natural, beautiful smile! To get started, call us now at (616) 532-9070.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Free Smile Analysis
  • Results Focused Dentistry
  • Cutting Edge Technologies
  • Invisalign Certified Provider
  • Atmosphere of Comfort & Care

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