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Serving Our Neighbors Since 1978

When you need dental services you can rely at Kentwood Dental Care. For many years, we have assisted countless patients in their goals of achieving healthy, beautiful smiles. From your initial smile analysis to your post-op instruction, our comprehensive services, our talented oral care professionals are here to provide you with top-tier oral care solutions.

Our areas of expertise include:

General Dentistry: From simple cleaning to more intricate procedures, such as fillings or root canals, our Kentwood dentist provides a wide range of treatment options.
Root canal therapy: Due to some major advances in dental technology, root canals are not the painful ordeal that they once were in the past! Ask us about our root canals if you have cracked or chipped teeth.
Porcelain Crowns: If you are dealing with a decayed or broken tooth, then a porcelain crown may be the answer for you. We utilize resilient materials that last and improve the appearance of your tooth!
Crown or Bridge Treatment: We are careful to provide our patients with clear and valuable post-op instruction. After your crown or bridge treatment, our services help to protect your teeth as they recover.
Dentures: If you have one or more missing teeth and need an affordable solution, talk to us about our top-notch dentures! We offer comfortable fixtures that are designed specifically for your teeth.

Whether you are facing a severe dental issue or are interested in correcting minor flaws in the appearance of your teeth, we have all the options you could ever need. Choose our pain-free dentistry for your next treatment! For the highest quality procedures and services, call our Kentwood dentist today at 616-532-9070.