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Paul Heileman, D.M.D.

“We would love to help you improve your smile and build your self-confidence”

Dr. Heileman strives to provide a friendly, non-judgmental, and educational experience for all of our patients. He believes this establishes a more relaxed, trusting atmosphere where realistic conversations can be had; allowing us to build personal connections with patients to better treat their individual needs.




· Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical science from Grand Valley State University

· Doctor of Dental Medicine from UNE College of Dental Medicine

Continuing Education / Professional Memberships

· CE’s: Dentistry and the cancer patient, Maximizing your patient’s comfort.

· Member of ADA, and soon after graduation plan to join MDA

Outside of the Office

Dr. Heileman is a country boy at heart and loves spending his time hunting, fishing, hiking, working out, kayaking, and building. He will soon be married to his fiancée, Kate, with whom he has two dogs. There is Ares, a giant Schnauzer, and Olly, a Goldendoodle. Dr. Heileman always has some sort of project going on. He loves figuring out why things are not working, and then fixing them. Dr. Heileman enjoys learning new things and staying on top of current science/research to provide better care to his patients. Dentistry is truly his passion, and he loves what he does.